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HELIOS- enHancing thE sociaL Inclusion Of neetS

One of the main challenges in the Mediterranean region is to reduce the high rates of NEETs* and prominent skills mismatch which currently prevail. Curricula for skills courses are often not based on a strategic analysis of the local economy and/or consultation with local enterprises in order to determine sectors of potential growth capable of absorbing new trainees. HELIOS will tackle this issue focusing on the Blue and Circular Economy (BaCE), identified as an economic sector with great potential for regenerative economic growth among NEETs. The project will provide curricula for innovative targeted and tailored skills training courses oriented towards specific needs of the BaCE labour market and the needs of NEETs, based on direct interaction with local enterprises. This will be achieved through soft skills coaching and mentoring actions, as well as the creation of e-learning tools and methodologies supported by new technologies to facilitate skills learning for NEETs and women.

* Not in Education Employment or Training




What will be improved?

On the one hand, local economies will be enriched thanks to the increase of labour workforce trained consistently with actual business needs, upgrading of professional skills of vulnerable unemployed people, and professional mobility across the Mediterranean region. On the other hand, it is expected that low skilled people will increase their chance to find employment. Finally, a stronger link between Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions and the needs of local enterprises will be established.

Who will benefit?

  • Young NEETs and unemployed women
  • TVET institutions and local enterprises from the Blue and Circular Economy sector
  • Tourism enterprises and local authorities

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